Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Springtime Style

I am loving the sunshine and hoping that it lasts, but it seems too early in the year for summer dresses, hot pants and flip-flops if you ask me - but maybe I’m just getting old because judging from the fashion on show on a recent shopping trip, it seems that I’m out-of-touch. However if, like me, you’re not quite ready to bare all just are my 
Top Tips for dressing at the moment!
  • Get a hot new Hairstyle: It’s time to ditch the winter hats, and as we can no longer hide our hair under one, it’s a great time to have a hair makeover. Check out this article for some inspiration  If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair remember this might affect the colours that flatter you in terms of clothes and make-up.
  • Do a Make-up audit: Talking of make-up, it’s also worth checking your make-up bag now too - I’m moving from my deep plum lippy to red. Also don’t forget you should get rid of anything that is out-of-date and up the SPF.  
  • Up top and over: The daytimes are lovely and warm, but as the sun goes down and the evening cools you will need a lightweight cover up. Also, out of the sun or in open areas there can be a breeze. For me it’s time to get out my cropped denim jacket and an array of bright cardi’s.
  • Lower level: Like I said, I’m not ready to expose my legs just yet... after a winter of tights, they need some TLC first! But it’s never too early for my linen trousers and coloured jeans are also very now. When I do ditch the trousers, Spring sees the outing of my denim skirt and coloured pencil skirts make an appearance.
  • Dress-up: Maxi dresses are a great way to look girly and remain a bit covered-up.  I like them layered – maybe a t-shirt underneath and my denim jacket/cardigan on top (which also works with a summer dress). I also avoid all over black and shift to navy/grey/beige which look less harsh and are just as smart and versatile.
  • Fetching feet: OK, so I have to get out of my boots but rather than go straight to sandals and flip-flops, I’m going with peep toe shoes. Coloured pumps also make for great Spring-time footwear.

Finally, this Spring is a great time for sherbet colours, floral prints and lace.

The main thing though, is to make sure you’re wearing the right colours and styles for you and have a closet of clothes that makes you feel as warm and bright as the Spring sunshine... so feel free to ignore me and wear your bikini now if you want to!

Me wearing a printed maxi dress, bright cardi' and peep toe shoes.

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