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Monday, 12 December 2011

2012 Pantone Colour - And the winner is…

Forget the X-Factor, for a colour consultant the big news last week was ‘what will be the Pantone colour of 2012’ and we now know it is…
Tango Tangerine – A lovely warm orangey colour, as the name suggests.

Now I love colour – it can signal how you feel or cheer you up; help you blend in or stand out; and contribute to how others see you.  But some colours don’t love me.
It was rumoured that ‘red’ would be the ‘it’ colour of next year following on the winter colour trend, and that would have been fine by me.  Red is one of my favourite colours, and better still – it’s a colour I can (and do) wear (a lot!). But oh no it isn’t to be because like this season’s mustard, ‘Tango Tangerine’ is… (a) a bright, bold colour (not a problem for me!) which might not suit a more conservative individual, and (b)it’s a warm colour and I’m a cool which means I can’t wear it :-(

…Or can I? Well, the trick with colour is to wear it appropriately, for example your best colours should always be worn near your face which means no ‘tango tangerine’ scarf or lippy for me!
But nobody wants to miss out on THE big colour trend of the season so, if like me you should avoid warm colours, here are a few tips on
How to wear it:

·         Wear orange shoes – flats or heels, your choice!
·         Wear orange bangles
·         Carry an orange clutch (not a big handbag)
·         Wear an orange belt, if you have a waist
·         Wear orange nail varnish – be bold and wear it on your finger and toe nails
·         Always team it up with a colour/s that do flatter you

Alternatively, have the colour in your surroundings or be brave and buck the trend!

And if you can carry it off, whilst it might be a bit much top-to-toe, GO FOR IT!
Why should you wear it?

Now, just to be clear – I like tangerine as a flavor, smell and colour … a lot.  I carried orange flowers at my wedding, did my ‘big birthday’ invites in orange and have burnt orange adorning my living room. Orange is a great colour – (amongst other things) it is cheery and energising, it’s associated with creativity and friendship, and symbolizes happiness and love in Japan and China. As Wassily Kandinsky says "Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow."

A word of warning though - orange is a colour that is said to stimulate appetite (so much so that in Christianity it represents gluttony – one of the seven deadly sins), so even if it suits you be careful who you wear it around because you don’t want to be blamed for the weight gain of those you know!
Want to know if you’re a warm or cool, or how to wear ‘Tango Tangerine’ to flatter your body shape – contact Damson Belle for a consultation on 07887 643807.

‘Til next time ;-)


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